Grade 4 Reading:
The 21 Balloons

Here is a Wikipedia page about Krakatoa.  Read it to find out more information about the volcanic eruption of 1883. 

 The King of the Wind


Feel like testing your knowledge for chapters?  Complete this online quiz for each chapter!
 Famous people had very special horses, just like Agba and Sham!  Click here to find out the names of the horses and their famous riders.
 Want to learn more about the author?  Click here to read her biography as well as a list of other books she has read!

Learn more about the author Virginia Hamilton on this link.
Write your own summary in Story Kit.  Then click on the summary found on to see how well your summary matches!

 Island of the Blue Dolphins
Home page


Native People.Read the story of Karana. Learn more about the native people like the Chumash and the Aleut and their lives in the 1800s.   Then use Story Kit or PowerPoint to create a presentation about the Native Americans in this novel.   The Lone Woman of San Nicolas
Welcome to Chumash Indian Life
Aleut Heritage